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Here are some simple things you can do with your kids during spring break…

Clothes and toy drives – Go through the kid’s toys and clothes and have them help gather some of the items that have been outgrown.  Give them away to someone in need or to an organization that helps those in need.

Create manna bags – Have the kids pack a healthy snack in plastic storage bags and deliver them to individuals in need.  Call an organization that works with the homeless to see if they could use them, such as CLN Kids, or Joy Junction.  Maybe keep some in your car to give to homeless people on the street.

Visit a local children’s hospital – make sock puppets and take them to the children’s hospital. Comforting other is a great way to teach kids compassion for those that are having a hard time.

Link for sock puppet ideas –

Clean up trash at a local park – pull the neighbor kids together and go to the closest local park near your neighborhood and pick up trash.

Create your own service project with the kids to serve those in your neighborhood that might need help with yard work or grocery shopping.

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