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Choosing the right birth injury attorney will be one of the most important decisions a parent will make for their child who has suffered a catastrophic birth injury, including cerebral palsy. This decision should not be made in haste. John Lancione of The Lancione Law Firm is the birth injury attorney that you can trust. With a family legacy of 80 years of birth injury litigation, John has the experience, resources and determination to find out what happened to your child, who is at fault and hold the negligent party accountable.  John Lancione has a reputation as one of the most preeminent birth injury attorneys in the nation. He has won countless multi-million dollar birth injury and cerebral palsy verdicts. John has a laser focus on delivering results for your child, your family and your piece of mind.

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Attorney John Lancione has been an advocate for victims of birth injury, cerebral palsy, brain damage and medical malpractice throughout the country for almost 30 years. He has represented many children and families throughout Ohio that has been injured or has died during childbirth. John Lancione is dedicated to attaining justice for these kids as well as pushing for measures that prevent birth injuries to children in the future. In recent years, John’s advocacy on behalf of birth injury, cerebral palsy, medical and obstetrical malpractice victims have resulted in several record-setting verdicts and settlements.

John Lancione is known nationally for his persistence and commitment to holding the medical community accountable for the medical negligence that caused a child’s birth injury. He is the only Ohio attorney who is a past co-chair of the Birth Trauma Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice, a national group of attorneys who represent newborns and children from birth-related medical negligence. When your baby has sustained a catastrophic birth injury, choosing a highly respected attorney like John Lancione is necessary. He will guide you through this challenging time and fight for justice on behalf of your child.

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The Lancione Law Firm – Ohio-Based with a National Presence

What Causes A Birth Injury Or Birth Trauma?

Birth injuries caused by medical professionals are usually considered to be preventable. Often, the negligence can cause irreversible harm to newborns. Cerebral palsy, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy HIE, brain damage and other birth injuries can cause a lifetime of medical, emotional and financial hardship for your child and your family. Common causes or types of birth injuries are:

  • Improper infant delivery methods such as pulling and/or twisting
  • A birth injury that resulted from improper handling and/or use of birth-assisting tools
  • Administration of the wrong type or amount of medication to the mother during her pregnancy and/or labor
  • Failure to regularly monitor the fetal heartbeat which resulted in long-term distress for the infant
  • Failure to perform or schedule an emergency cesarean section (C-section)

Birth Injury and brain damage cases are extremely complex and often difficult to prove. Time is of the essence when filing a lawsuit, and hiring a respected expert lawyer is vital. John Lancione is a nationally known, respected expert at identifying and litigating all types of preventable birth injuries. He knows what questions to ask and where to obtain answers. John Lancione has won countless multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. He works with you one-on-one while advocating for your child’s rights.

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Representing Families Affected By Birth Injuries

The Lancione Law  Firm – Ohio-Based with a National Presence

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